Life Deck 10 Series Color-Pigmented Concrete Sealer

A Life Deck Specialty Coatings Product for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Applications.

Fast-Drying & High Performance Sealer

Overview:  Life Deck Specialty Coatings “10” Series paint is a premium, quick drying, 100% acrylic concrete/masonry pigmented sealer formulated for sealing concrete, masonry and wood. In addition, 10 series provides resistance against water, alkalis, acids, ultraviolet light and staining. Life Deck high quality deck “paint” sealer comes in a variety of different color options and can be tinted to match most any other color. Life Deck color seal “10 series” is one of our most popular products for deck resurfacing, new construction, and deck repair projects and is very popular amongst contractors, property managers, building owners and more. 

Life Deck Specialty Coatings 10 Series Color Seal Uses: Concrete/masonry, wood substrates, walking roof decks, concrete & Wood Floors, pool decks, patios, FM (Fiberglass mat) waterproof deck system, AL waterproof deck system, MC waterproof deck system, TC Texture Concrete Overlay System.

Advantages to using Life Deck Specialty Coatings: Fast drying coating, water based coating, easy clean-up, low VOC coating, chemical resistant coating, alkali and moisture resistant coating, UV resistant coating, excellent hide, excellent color retention. 
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