Stretch Guard™ 70 Series | 100% Acrylic-Elastomeric Hybrid Wall Coatings

100% Acrylic Flat House & Trim Architectural Coatings.

Long-Lasting Protection Against Harsh Climates.

Life Specialty Coatings 70 Series Stretch-Guard is a premium quality exterior 100% acrylic flat house and trim coating. This high performance coating offers the flexibility of a high performance 100% acrylic house paint and the benefits of a elastomeric coating with an elongation up to 200%. The 70 Series incorporates an exclusive resin technology which provides outstanding quality when applied like a conventional exterior paint.

Also available is the 70H Series heat reflective coating that includes our Cool Life technology to help reduce surface heat, which in turn aids in cooling the interior of structures.

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Rain Shield - Elastomeric, 100% Acrylic Flat House & Trim

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