Basements can get damp, cold, wet and dirty. Homeowners, property managers and builders need high performance specialty coatings to protect from water intrusion and leaching chemicals in order to keep basements looking clean, organized and prevent the start of bacteria and mold growth. There are many Life Deck Specialty Coatings products and restoration systems to help keep your basements well maintained and protected such as Life Deck epoxy, Life Deck urethanes, HB-100 hydro-static blocking cement, and more.

Many Life Deck epoxy systems are perfect for basement floors. Epoxy is virtually waterproof, protecting the floor beneath it from moisture making our Life Deck 100% solids thin film systems, 100% acrylic flake chip systems and water based epoxy options great options for basements. Each of these systems comes in a variety of different colors and texture options making your basement a one-of-a-kind room. It is crucial to test for possible moisture vapor problems when installing epoxy systems on basement floors. Many times, sprinkler systems and pipes may have leaked which would impose moisture pressure and prevent proper coating adhesion on the concrete floor substrate. Seal Life Deck epoxy coatings with powerful urethane sealers for ultimate scratch resistance, UV resistance, protection and more.

Whether you are planning to use your basement to expand the living space in your home or simply as a place to store items you do not use very often, having a floor that is easy to clean can make your life easier. Our Epoxy flooring  systems are  a fantastic option if you are looking to spend as little time and effort as possible keeping your basement clean.

Another excellent coating option for basements is HB-100 hydrostatic blocking cement wall coating.  HB-100 is designed to protect basement walls from outside moisture (negative moisture pressure)  from intruding into the basement.  It can be combined in a series of steps incorporating our efflorescence blocker and vapor seal, the HB-100 hydro-static blocking cement helps to close our negative side moisture and close off retaining wall capillaries in extreme situations.


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