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When Should You Resurface Concrete Flooring

Although concrete is one of the most durable and widely used materials used in construction, it has its limitations and its endurance can only take …


Why Epoxy Resin Turns Yellow and How to Prevent it

If you’ve used epoxy resin as floor coating in the past, you have most likely encountered discoloration. More specifically, you’ve probably seen epoxy flooring turning …

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Webinar Event

Master Class Webinar: Concrete Stain + Sealers

More and more buildings are being designed with exposed concrete floors as owners are opting for the durability, the versatility, the cleanability, and the beauty …

10 series FM-System-Balcony-Pasadena

Preparation Steps To Have A Successful Waterproofing Installation

Manufacturers agree, preparation, commonly referred to as “prep”, is the key to all installations of their products.  Without the proper preparation, most system and coating …

pool deck, 20 series stain, overlay, sealer

Saving Above Ground Deck and Walkways

Waterproofing in desert landscapes, such as Arizona, isn’t always a popular subject, but I find that there are always new problems with each visit.  Although …

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