Life Deck Specialty Coatings | Clear Sealers

Life Specialty Coatings manufactures a large variety of durable and long lasting Life Deck Specialty Coatings branded and Americrete branded residential, commercial, and industrial clear sealers.  Many will resist strong chemicals, UV rays, have excellent gloss retention, impact resistance with excellent abrasion resistance in both exterior and interior applications.

In addition, many Life Deck Specialty Coatings sealers come in different sheens such as high gloss, gloss, semi-gloss, satin and low gloss. These sealers vary in chemical resistance, scratch resistance and other properties; however, there is a Life Deck sealer for almost any application. Sealers are designed to protect concrete stains, concrete, flooring and decorative overlays to ensure longevity in a coatings system. Residential, commercial and industrial sealers have crossover sealers in each category and all Life Deck sealers are designed to withstand commercial pedestrian traffic at a minimum. Industrial and commercial grade sealers are typically stronger, have higher impact resistance, UV resistance and other properties. 

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