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Premium Quality Crystal Clear Life Deck Coatings Products for Residential Use.


Life Specialty Coatings manufactures a large variety of clear sealers for the residential market. The attribute and chemical composition of each coating ranges. Depending on their specific attributes, many Life Deck residential sealers are suitable to withstand hot tire resistance, chlorine, UV rays, wood tannins, chemicals and more. Many residential sealers come in a variety of sheens including high gloss, gloss, semi-gloss, satin, matte, and natural finish. If you are looking to specify a sealer with additional chemical resistance, please explore our commercial and industrial sealers pages. Single component (1K) and two component (2K) sealers are also available. Please contact Life Specialty Coatings directly for product recommendations.


Overview: Life Deck’s Grafted Polymer Dispersion (GPD) is an extremely versatile clear sealer and concrete coating. The excellent water, alkali, and efflorescence resistance of this product, in combination with its exterior durability and its ability to adhere to a variety of substrates, allow it to be used in many applications. Life Deck GPD is a chemical resistant top coat with excellent alkali and hot tire resistance for driveways. GPD has superior resistance to tire markings and tire stains.

Advantages: Hot-tire resistant, available in gloss and satin, abrasion resistant, fast drying, chemical resistant, easy to use, stain & UV resistant, SCAQMD VOC compliant, qualifies for LEED IEQ Credit 4.2, non-yellowing, good efflorescence blocking and good early blush resistance. 

Substrates: For interior and exterior surfaces, concrete floors, patio, brick walls, driveways, walk ways, pavers and wood.


Overview: Life Deck 4001 (Gloss)/4002 (Satin) acrylic-urethane hybrid is a premium quality crystal clear acrylic urethane that provides a tough, durable surface. It is perfect over pool decks, walkways, waterproof deck coating systems and balconies. 

Advantages: Light chemical resistant, stain resistant, abrasion resistant and non-yellowing. The coating also repels oil, grease and water for easy clean up. 4001 and 4002 is available in quarts, gallons, 5’s, drums and totes. 

Substrates: For interior and exterior surfaces. May be applied over Life Deck waterproofing systems such as FM, AL, TC and MC decking systems. 4001 and 4002 may also be applied over concrete floors, patios, brick walls, walk ways, pavers and wood. 


Overview: Life Deck Single Component Aliphatic Urethane Sealer is a premium quality crystal clear urethane that provides a tough, durable surface for floors requiring urethane flexibility, UV resistance, extra protection, chemical resistance, and superior adhesion. It is one of our strongest water based single component 1K sealers. 

Advantages: Abrasion resistant, stain resistant, repels oil, grease & water, easy to use, safe for use over acrylics, chemical resistant, non-yellowing, U.V. Resistant, fast drying and water based. 

Recommended Substrates: For interior and exterior surfaces. Product may be applied over Life Deck FM, AL, MC Waterproofing Systems and Life Deck Concrete Resurfacing Systems. Other acceptable substrates include concrete floors, patios, brick walls, walkways, pavers and wood. 


Overview: Life Deck 2008 is a clear, high gloss “Wet Look” solvent based acrylic sealer and glaze. It is a very hard acrylic polymer that offers good gloss, UV resistance and stain resistance compared to most other sealers. For an additional upgrade to the solvated acrylic lacquer, please see 7530 aliphatic urethane below for a more durable and UV resistant alternative. Not recommended for use of acrylic color sealers.

Advantages: Stone Glaze or Life Deck “Wet Look” sealer, is designed to seal and create a “wet look” on concrete, unglazed brick, tiles and many other masonry surfaces. Perfect to seal and glaze stamped concrete and cementitious surfaces such as textured overlays with Life Deck Color Wash or 20 series stain. Stone Glaze has been used on many commercial and residential properties all throughout the United States including Las Vegas casinos, amusement parks and more. 


Overview: LD7530 is a single component, high gloss, aliphatic moisture cure urethane designed as a UV resistant and mar resistant finish top coat for cementitious floors and floor coating systems. Life Deck aliphatic urethane is extremely high gloss and UV resistant. This single-component (1K) aliphatic cure coating cures rapidly in the presence of atmospheric moisture. It forms films that are light stable, touch, abrasion resistant and exhibit good chemical resistance. It is typically used for exterior applications over Life Deck cements and Life Deck stains. 

Advantages: Superior U.V. resistance, VOC Compliant, chemical resistant, excellent color and gloss retention, impact & abrasion resistant, versatile application- spray, roll, brush or sponge. 

Applications: Concrete floors, overlays, stone, storage tanks, milling & mining areas, steel structures, bridges, power generating plants, food processing facilities and more.


Overview: The Rain Shield acrylic wall sealer is made for porous surfaces such as concrete, masonry, stucco, wood and canvas. Resists the penetration of water, dust and dirt.

Features:  Our acrylic wall sealer coating is flexible, will not crack, peel or chip. In addition, 12-50 is paintable. It is recommended to apply one coat of clear coating on recommended surfaces. You must wait 4 hours before applying a finish coat of paint.

Compatibility: The product is versatile and compatible with latex paints to improve water resistance, better adhesion and durability (1 pint per gallon). Rain Shield Acrylic Wall Sealer is also mildew resistant.

Tinting: The 12-50 Acrylic Sealer may be tinted with up to 4 oz. of colorant per gallon to create a transparent wood stain which penetrates wood surfaces for lasting beauty and protection. Apply acrylic wall sealers by brush, roller, spray or dipping. Stir the sealer well and frequently before and during application to assure uniform color. Use Rain Shield acrylic sealer on new wood substrates or surfaces previously stained with a semi-transparent finish color. The color of the stained surface will vary depending upon the wood texture, wood type, grain, and method of application. 


Overview: Life’s Concrete Masonry Siliconate Sealer is a clear penetrating water repellent for use on porous concrete or other masonry surfaces. Contains no wax.

Recommended Surfaces: This Concrete Sealer may be applied to above grade concrete and masonry blocks, cement block, stucco, walls, stones, grout, porous tiles, inside or outside, new or old unpainted surfaces.

Advantages: Easy to use, fast drying, water base, low odor, invisible protection and more. 

*Minimum batch size required for purchase. please call customer service for more information. 


SUPER SPAR 3001 | 3002 | 3003 | WOOD COATINGS

Overview: Life Deck Specialty Coatings Acrylic Urethane Hybrid is a wood specific crystal clear finish that is very durable and UV resistant. This premium quality product is formulated with ingredients that screen out the destructive ultra violet rays of the sun, one of the principal causes of deterioration and loss of gloss on any varnish film. 

Use: Life’s Acrylic Urethane is designed to add a gloss finish and chemical resistance to wood and previously coated surfaces. It is very important to sand and prep the surface before applying Life’s Super Spar. Apply wood coatings in 2-3 very thin coats for maximum protection. 

Advantages: The coating is chemical resistant, water based, low odor, UV resistant, easy to use and has tannin blocking properties. 

Recommended Surfaces: Both interior and exterior wood surfaces. 

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