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Life Deck Specialty Coatings branded cement options offer a wide variety of textures, waterproofing ability and colors for residential, commercial and industrial applications. 


Life Deck cements provide endless opportunity for different finish options. Many Life Deck and Americrete cements are used for decorative overlays when used with stains, sealers, acrylics and other options. Other cements, such as LD1, are typically used as a waterproofing cement with ICC-ES Class A Fire-Rated systems. Different cements are available to create a wide variety of colors and textures. Life Specialty Coatings also manufactures hydrostatic blocking cements for walls in below grade applications. In addition, Life Deck sloping cement for decks, and lightweight Level-Lite cement for roofs, help to divert water to drains. Typically, Life Deck cements are wet polymer added, while Americrete cements are dry polymer. Please read specification sheets before use on proper mixing ratios. Contact Life Specialty Coatings directly for product recommendations and training.

LIFE DECK Specialty Coatings LD1 | LD2 | LD3 | LD5 | LD6 | CEMENTS

Overview: Life Deck Specialty Coatings cements are formulated for high PSI applications and blended with a variety of silica sand and proprietary additives. LD-1 is used typically for waterproofing systems & base coats. LD-2, a white cement for smooth finishes, bright or light colored staining, & texturing. LD-6, a white cement for 1/4″ stamping. LD-3 (Grey) is typically used for texturing in a standard knock-down finish. LD-5  (light grey) is generally used for grout lines, staining dark colors, decorative overlays, texturing or broom finish systems.  Other Life Deck and Americrete cements are also included on this page such as Level-Lite, Hydro-Block, micro cements and more. 

General Uses: Life Deck cements are used for a variety of applications including waterproofing systems, deck repairs, deck coatings, resurfacing failing concrete and more. Life Deck concrete is mixed with a high solids acrylic modifier such as LD-81, or 1589, unless otherwise directed.


Overview: Create a perfect slope from zero to three inches in one pass! Perfect for sloping, deck repairs, and creating proper water run off, Life Deck LD-10 is a special formulated cement blend with a variety of silica sands and proprietary additives. LD-10 is primarily used for sloping, filling cracks, repairing and/or patching. LD-10 is dry polymer meaning it only requires water to blend with. Do not mix with LD-81, 1589 modifiers or modifiers from other manufacturers in with LD-10 mixture.

Uses: LD-10 is used for sloping, filling cracks, repairing and/or patching. Life Deck sloping cement is extremely versatile and can be applied in one application up to 3 inches thick without cracking, shrinking, or expanding. The system has hit psi, great working time and can be feathered with great adhesion. Typically, LD-10 is used on deck restoration projects for reconstruction on HOA pool decks, residential properties, commercial centers and balcony decks.


Overview: The Americrete A-500 Micro Finish was designed to resurface concrete with a “glass like” smooth finish. The A-500 can also be used to resurface and/or create beautiful countertop finishes. Micro Cement must be applied as a feather edge coating that can be applied at 1/64 inch. Micro-Cement can also be applied by squeegee or steel trowel. The cement is a dry-polymer formula needing only water to activate it. No additional modifier is needed.  

Uses: Americrete® micro-cement is extremely smooth and is perfect for loft living, overlays, and interior systems. It is popular to apply water based or solvent based Life Deck CRU (Chemical Resistant Urethane) for added scratch resistance. Micro cements are typically applied in screen sanding coats in order to maximize how smooth the floor appears and feels. Micro cement comes in two colors: grey and white. However, Americrete micro cement can be stained with a semi-transparent or semi-translucent stain to create a decorative overlay. 


Overview: The Americrete A-501 white micro cement is designed to create a “glass like” smooth finish to loft living, decorative overlays, countertops, and more. Micro cements can be applied in interior or exterior applications for residential or commercial applications. A-1000 semi-opaque Americrete stain and either water based, or solvent based chemical resistant urethanes, are typically used in tandem with micro-cements for added protection. The cement is a dry-polymer formula needing only water to activate it.

Uses: Americrete white micro cement is typically stained using Life Deck semi-transparent stains, Americrete semi-translucent stains, and a high performance solvent based or acrylic sealer. 



Overview: A-600 resurfacing cement is used to repair and resurface existing concrete surfaces over cracked, spalled, deteriorated masonry structures. This method of repair will create a slip resistant surface designed for heavy foot traffic and vehicular traffic. A-600 is easy to apply, dry-polymer and great for dry-climates.  It is mostly used on decks, pools decks, walkways and for decorative overlays. 

Uses: This Americrete system can repair the substrate to leave a new broom or smooth concrete finish. A-600 is a powdered proprietary co-polymer mix that is easy to install for large projects or small repairs. This product only needs water, but A-300 or A-400 can be added as a catalyst to increase psi and adhesion when necessary. Designed as a concrete resurfacer, this cement will create a smooth or textured surface over existing concrete. A-600 can be used with A-1000 stain or A-1100/A-1150 for coloring options. 


Overview: A-800 Textured Finish is a proprietary mixture of co-polymer resins mixed with various sized aggregates. Texture Finish is designed to be applied with a hopper gun to achieve a spray texture finish; knocked down with a trowel, or left free standing.

Uses: A-800 can be applied over most any concrete substrate. A-800 cement is ideal for pool decks due to the knockdown texture (anti-skid capabilities), and is an approved finish over Americrete Waterproofing Base Coat lath System A-9000. 


Overview: Hydro-stopping cement is a vertical wall cement coating built to hold out vapor pressure from the negative side of a retaining wall or similar application. Hydro-Block is a hydrostatic blocking cementitious waterproof coating for protecting masonry substrates from water penetration. The cement can be applied vertically or horizontally. It is a dry-polymer mixture and requires only the addition of water. 

Recommended application: Hydro-Block is perfect for below or above grade industrial, commercial and residential applications. Hydro-Block protects plastered walls, foundations, block walls, tunnels, bridges, tilt-up walls, concrete block, and masonry structures and is a type of negative side waterproofing cement. It can be used in tandem with efflorescence blockers, vapor seal, and other systems. 

Uses: Retaining walls, basements, precast walls, custom shower walls, parking garages, water canals, precast concrete pipes, swimming pool bond beams, water features and CMU walls.  


Overview: Stretch-Guard Level Lite is a light weight roofing cement used for filling in areas where ponding water accumulates on a flat, or slightly pitched roof. It is a single component blend of proprietary silica, resins, aggregates, and cements to create an incredibly sturdy surface. 

Uses: The SGLL-30 roofing cement is extremely lightweight and helps re-slope roofs that have stagnant ponding water. Level-Lite can be used in combination with elastomeric and silicone flat roof coating systems. Level-Lite is a Stretch-Guard product and part of the Life Specialty Coatings roof coatings division line. 

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