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Life Deck Specialty Coating’s Life Deck color seal and pigmented color sealers are professional contractors and builders #1 choice for a 100% acrylic, high solids and durable deck coating. These top coats are manufactured to be of the highest quality 100% acrylics on the market for high traffic HOA’s, apartments, commercial walkways, balcony decks and podium decks over concrete and plywood waterproof decking systems. 


Life Deck Specialty Coatings’ commercial grade 100% acrylic top coats are the leader in longevity and durability for high foot traffic areas. Life Specialty Coatings offers Life Deck Specialty Coatings heat reflective color seal (28 Series) that reduces the temperature on the surface 20-30% and is specified regularly at MGM and Caesar properties. 10 series top coat is a premium color coating solution for pool decks, walkways, deck resurfacing, deck maintenance coating, deck repair, deck waterproofing, new construction and more. 15 series has added non-skid properties that are very popular with ramps and school districts for ADA compliance coefficient of friction. Our stains, 20 series and A-1000, are popular decorative stains for overlays and resurfacing projects.


The Life Deck Cool Life “28 Series” Heat Reflective Coating is a premium, quick drying, 100% acrylic concrete and masonry pigmented paint sealer formulated to reflect infrared rays (IR Coating). Cool Life deck coating can reduce the temperature on the surface up to 30 degrees, or more, depending on the color choice. Heat reflective paint is designed for sealing concrete and masonry surfaces to provide resistance against water, alkalis, acids, ultraviolet light and staining. The system is used as a great paint coating for concrete floors, pool decks, patios, and Life Deck waterproofing systems AL, FM, MC, and TC systems. 

Uses: The Cool Life IR reflective color seal is perfect for balcony decks, walking decks, pools, walkways, patios, roofs and other areas that experience extreme heat. 28 series will reduce the temperature up to 20-30% and can be tinted to thousands of different color variations. Life Deck heat reflective deck coating has been used on many high profile hotels and casino pool deck properties and is perfect for large commercial roof decks, HOA’s, apartment complexes, condos, multifamily living and more. 

Advantages: (IR) Infrared heat reflective technology, UV resistant, light chemical resistant, alkali & moisture resistant, excellent hide & color retention, passes ASTM D2047-82, resistant to ponding water, fast drying, eco-friendly coating, water based, easy clean-up. 

LIFE DECK Specialty Coatings 10 Series | COLOR Pigmented Concrete SEALER

Life Deck’s “10” Series Life Deck Specialty Coatings paint is a premium, quick drying, 100% acrylic concrete/masonry pigmented sealer formulated for sealing concrete, masonry and wood, to provide resistance against water, alkalis, acids, ultraviolet light and staining. Life Deck deck paint comes in a variety of different color options and can be tinted to match most any other color. Life Deck color seal is one of our most popular products for deck resurfacing, new construction and deck repair projects. Color seal is very popular amongst contractors, property managers, building owners and architects. 

Life Deck Specialty Coatings Paint Color Seal Uses: Concrete/masonry, wood substrates, walking roof decks, concrete & wood floors, pool decks, patios, FM (Fiberglass mat) waterproof deck system, AL waterproof deck system, MC waterproof deck system, TC texture concrete overlay system. 

Advantages to using Life Deck paint Color Seal coating: Fast drying coating, water based coating, easy clean-up, low VOC coating, chemical resistant coating, alkali and moisture resistant coating, UV resistant coating, excellent hide, excellent color retention, passes ASTM D2047-82, resistant to ponding water. 

LIFE DECK Specialty Coatings 15 Series | TEXTURED Concrete COLOR SEAL

Life Deck’s “15” Series textured color seal is a skid-resistant, premium, quick drying, 100% acrylic concrete/masonry pigmented sealer formulated for sealing concrete, masonry, and wood. Benefits include resistance against water, alkalis, acids, ultraviolet light and staining. It contains a small non-skid aggregate to increase slip resistance. The addition of the aggregate makes it perfect for ramps, athletic-courts and other areas that require a heavy coefficient of friction ratio. 

Advantages: Fast drying, water based, easy water clean-up, light chemical resistant, alkali resistant, moisture resistant, UV resistant, excellent hide and color retention, passes ASTM D 2047-82 slip resistance, resistant to ponding water. 

Uses: Ramps, top coat for all Life Deck waterproofing systems excluding LD 2000 and Auto-Life, concrete floors, pool decks, wood decks, patios, ADA compliant applications, stairs, pool decks and walkways, deck reseals, deck reconstruction, standard deck coating installations. 


LIFE DECK Specialty Coatings 20 Series | DEEP PENETRATING STAIN

Life Deck 20 Series Transparent Concrete Stain creates a unique variation of semi-transparent, deep penetrating color over concrete substrates. It creates a beautiful multi-hue appearance and blend with natural mottling ability and is popular with decorative overlay and concrete resurfacing applications. Life Deck Specialty Coatings stain can be applied in interior and exterior applications and sealed with a variety of epoxy, urethanes, acrylic, acrylic/urethane blends and other clear sealer systems. 

Use: When applied in accordance to label instructions, Life Deck will penetrate into the concrete surface leaving no film – meaning that the coating itself should not chip or peel. Use deep penetrating stains over properly prepared masonry, concrete, and Life Deck Textured Concrete Overlay surfaces. For best results, the bare concrete surface must be porous and profiled to resemble fine or medium sandpaper before application. 

Advantages: Natural earth tones, thousands of different color combinations and color options available, semi-transparent, can dilute slightly with water ratios, deep penetrating, natural look, water clean-up. 


Americrete Concrete Stain (A-1000) is a user friendly, semi-opaque water based acrylic stain and sealer for concrete. This product penetrates the surface for a tenacious bond and forms thin seal to prevent water penetration and some staining. Americrete A-1000 is available in 18 standard colors but can be tinted with universal colorants to any color. These colors also can be mixed for an unlimited selection and one of a kind finishes. Concrete stain is used as a protective, decorative coloring system over new, old, pigmented or non-pigmented concrete and masonry surfaces. The surface should be sealed with one of Americrete sealers for applicable traffic. 

Uses: This product can be used on driveways, pool decks, architectural designs, natural stone, stamped concrete, stucco, walkways, industrial floors, kitchen floors, concrete block, exposed aggregate, brick, precast concrete, tile, pavers, Americrete cements and anything that will accept a penetrating stain. An Americrete sealer is to be used when heavy pedestrian traffic or vehicle traffic is expected.

Advantages: Perfect for decorative overlays, semi-opaque, dark colors available, ability to tint to custom colors, versatile, user friendly, and good for interior and exterior applications. 


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