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Life Deck Specialty Coatings and Americrete Decorative Overlays, Patterns, Finishes, Designs, and Concrete Resurfacing Options.


Life Deck Specialty Coatings and Americrete cements allow for unlimited decorative overlay options. Outlined below are several concrete overlay ideas.  Life Deck cements, stains and color options are very versatile and numerous patterns and textures can be achieved. Each data sheet gives instructions on a standard approach on replicating each overlay. Some examples of Life Deck overlays include tile-patterns, wood-plank, heat reflective, broom finish, color wash and many more. Please contact Life Specialty Coatings directly for specific product recommendations, specifications or hands on training.


Overview: The Life Deck TC Smooth Cement System is a polymer modified cementitious coating system with an (optional) integral color and a clear top coat. TC smooth overlay is a cost-effective, cementitious and acrylic material formulated to cover existing concrete surfaces. It changes old concrete into a smooth surface that can be decorated with stains or left with a sealer. It is designed to change smooth concrete into a decorative, durable finish. Use Life Deck cements, crack patch gel, standard color seal, 20 series semi-transparent deep-penetrating stain, non-skid 15 series color seal or heat reflective Life Deck color seal. 

Areas of use: Driveways, walkways, patios, courtyards, entryways, interior floors, restaurant floors, showrooms and commercial and residential pool decks. 

Advantages: Cost effective, fast drying, safe, no harsh solvents, variety of textures (optional), unlimited paint colors and options. 


Description: Broom Finish decorative overlay is a cost-effective, cementitious and acrylic system formulated to cover existing concrete surfaces. It changes old concrete into a lightly textured broom finish that can be decorated with stains or protected with a sealer. Broom Finish is a polymer modified cementitious coating impregnated with a highly durable acrylic/urethane sealer and is designed to restore old, rough, stained or poorly finished concrete.

Uses and Recommended Surfaces: The TC Broom concrete overlay system’s main function is to cover existing concrete that is aesthetically unattractive. It is a low cost and easy to apply durable system. The overlay is designed for driveways, walkways, patios, garage floors and pool decks. TC broom overlay can be installed in both the commercial and residential environment.

Features: Fast drying, can be stained, unlimited colors, heat reflective color options available. 


Overview: The Life Deck Textured Concrete Overlay (TC System Knock Down) is a cost-effective, cementitious and acrylic system formulated to cover existing concrete surfaces. It changes smooth concrete into a very decorative and safe textured finish with numerous color and knock down texture options.

Uses and Recommended Surfaces: The Texture Concrete Overlay system’s main function is to cover concrete that needs to be resurfaced. It is low cost, easy to apply and very durable. The system is designed for driveways, walkways, patios, garage floors and pool decks. Textured concrete overlay can be installed in both the commercial and residential environments. Typically, contractors and applicators will install Life Deck color seal, heat reflective sealer, stain and clear sealers over textured concrete systems for a decorative overlay appearance. 

Features: Fast drying, anti-skid finish options, unlimited colors in heat reflective available, attractive decorative design, non-haz, non-corrosive, no harsh solvents present.


Overview: Life Deck Stamp & Impressions System is a specially formulated cement blended with a variety of proprietary aggregates and cement additives. LD-6 (stamp cement) is formulated to blend 4-5 quarts of water per one 50 pound bag of LD-6. Impressions is commonly known as ¼ inch stamp overlay and is extremely durable, resistant to cracking and has a very decorative appearance. 

Uses: Stamp impressions and LD-6 are used primarily for stamping existing concrete surfaces. It is designed to be stained with Life Deck 20 Series concrete stain or Americrete A-1000 stain, and/or colored directly with liquid colorants. Use stamp mats to make an impression of the desired finish into LD-6. Impressions needs to be sealed with a Life Deck clear sealer such as 7530, 4001, 4002, GPD, CRU, Polyurea, 2110, 2112, 2114, 2116 or an approved clear sealer manufactured by Life Specialty Coatings. Use Life Deck stamp in driveways, pool decks, walkways, interior floors, restaurants, offices, and patios.

Advantages: Long working time, dry polymer, safe for vehicle traffic, excellent resistance to cracking, beautiful, fully customizable concrete finishes. 


Overview: Flagstone “stones” are typically cut into rectangular-like or square shapes and usually used for paving slabs, walkways, patios, flooring, driveways and pool decks. The flagstone pattern can also be achieved over a waterproof deck. The overlay can be accomplished using Life Deck stone strips or Life Deck Grout Tape. This overlay is used to simulate the look of real flagstone, but is a fraction of the weight. 

Options: Patios, driveways, decks, balcony decks, pool decks, and roof decks are all common surfaces to apply a flagstone design. Use Life Deck concrete stains, sealers, acrylics and more to get great reviews from property managers and building owners! 


General Overview: The Pebble Bond Epoxy System is a scientifically formulated, two component, 100% solid (no solvent) high strength adhesive epoxy resin designed for the ultimate bonding of pebbles to structural substrates. Life Specialty Coatings was one of the first companies in the United States to manufacture pebble epoxy for stone for commercial and residential markets through Pebble Bond, which still exists today. 

Uses and Recommended Surfaces: The Pebble Bond Epoxy System is used primarily with aggregate pebbles or “river rock” to produce a decorative covering for patios, driveways, pool decks and walkways. By broadcasting dry silica sand over the installed pebbles, an anti-skid finish can be produced. It is also commonly used over Life Deck waterproofing systems. Pebble bond, as a stand alone system, is purely decorative and not waterproof. Combined with an approved Life Deck waterproofing system, the system will then become waterproof. 


Overview: Tile patterns, used as an alternative to tile, are decorative overlays that incorporate a vast variety stains, sealers, cements and colors. A major advantage to tile patterns is that the weight of a deck, above grade or on grade substrate, is significantly less than typical solid tile.  Tile patterns cam be achieved with Life Deck Grout Tape or a saw cut. 

Uses: Life Deck tile finish can be accomplished as a decorative overlay on top of waterproofing decking systems, on-grade pool decks, walkways and more. It is always recommended to use a high performance acrylic or urethane sealer to add extra protection. The possibilities and options with tile finishes and textures are endless. Incorporate Life Deck colors, cements, sealers, grout tape sizes and more for a fully customizable finish. 


Overview: Wood plank patterns provide a decorative pattern and overlay that imitate the look of wood, but provide an extremely durable finish. Wood plank patterns are achieved using semi-transparent deep-penetrating stains and a variety of different scratch resistant sealers. The patterns themselves can be achieved using grout tape or a saw cut. Wood knots can be achieved using the end of a medium grade brush.  

Uses: Used for interior or exterior use, the wood plank overlay design is an excellent upgrade option for plywood deck waterproofing systems and waterproofing systems over concrete substrates. Typically, either integral color with LD-5 cement or LD-2 cement is used to create a grout color. For interiors, UV stable epoxy and sealers are extremely popular to protect the wood plank finish. For exteriors, it is more common to use high performance, UV resistant and scratch resistant commercial grade sealers. 


Overview: Life Deck “color wash” is a polymer modified cementitious coating impregnated with a highly durable acrylic/urethane sealer. The system is “brushed in” and is designed to restore old, rough, stained or poorly finished concrete. It is designed to simulate the appearances of flagstone, tile, slate, brick, pavers, or tile. Color wash pigments are available in a variety of different color options from light to dark. Typically, it will create a rustic, yet modern appearance and is sealed with a high performance sealer. 

Uses: The main function of this product is to cover concrete that is aesthetically unattractive. Uses of color wash include driveways, walkways, patios, garage floors, courtyards, entry ways, showrooms and pool decks. Color wash can be installed in both commercial and residential environments. The powder coating is typically brushed in the substrate over Life Deck cements, depending on the installation technique. Its is a great cost effective solution for concrete resurfacing. 


Overview: The 25-10 maintenance resurfacing specification combines a high bonding epoxy primer with a high performance UV resistant 100% acrylic top coat or heat reflective top coat. This quick and easy installation can be used over most general coatings and concrete when long performance and high quality products are necessary for high foot traffic areas. Anti-skid properties and clear coats are optional for this installation and recommended where water may be occasionally present for eating areas, ramps and stair steps. 

Uses: The system is designed for concrete floors, pool decks, walkways, stairs, store fronts, driveways, schools, restaurants, patios, commercial areas, general maintenance areas around hotels, deck repair restoration, parks, apartments, condominiums, and homes. Combined, the properties of having an epoxy bonding system with an exterior 100% acrylic top coat makes the system great for multiple uses. Other uses for 28 series include areas of high foot traffic, some vehicular traffic, and many general use areas that require high performance with low future maintenance.

Advantages: Cool deck colors available, 100% acrylic, chemical resistant, low odor, fast drying, excellent adhesion, stain resistant.

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