Prep and Primer Systems for Concrete Resurfacing

Life Deck coatings and products have excellent options for primers and concrete prep products that will make your installed coating systems last. 


Concrete resurfacing and waterproofing systems usually use primers to help prepare the substrate to ensure great adhesion and uniformity throughout the coating system. Installation of Life Deck epoxy repair gel, urethane caulking, stain blocking primers, and other prep products will ensure your concrete systems are built to last. 

Life Deck Specialty Coatings 25 SERIES | WATER BASED EPOXY PRIMER

Overview: A high gloss premium quality 2 part water-based epoxy coating that provides epoxy toughness, chemical resistance and durability with the convenience of a water based system and long pot life. When used as a primer for resurfacing systems, often times 25 series will be tinted off to a pigmented color for extra color hide and durability. 

Recommended Surfaces: For interior use only unless protected by another product with a UV inhibitor such as an exterior pigmented coating, aliphatic urethane, 1K urethane or 2K urethane. Many uses include industrial floors in factories, restaurant kitchens, schools, hospitals, food processing facilities, garage floors, dairies and warehouses. When thinned with water, this product works well as a primer under most waterproof decking systems such as the Life Deck MC system or LD-2000 urethane system. 

Advantages: The system is great for interior concrete floors, garages, warehouses, restaurants, industrial floors, showrooms and kitchens. Water based epoxy has excellent pot life, is easy with water to clean-up, fast drying, excellent chemical resistance, solvent resistance and has a gloss finish. 

Colors Options: -00 White, -41 Cape Cod Gray -95 Deep Base, -27 Deep Tan -90, Tint Base -98 Accent Base. Also available for factory tints in most all colors and safety colors. 

Life Deck Specialty Coatings LIQUID GRIND | Heavy Duty Concrete Profiler

Overview: Liquid Grind is a liquid preparation tool which when applied correctly will leave a profiled surface on concrete substrates. Liquid grind is designed for both  interior and exterior use on decks, concrete substrates, pools and more. Liquid Grind is designed to profile the concrete and dissolve the calcium on the surface. This is the perfect solution for concrete prep for epoxy coatings. Liquid Grind can also save on diamond teeth for concrete grinding.  Liquid Grind also contains a surfactant for cleaning purposes and will etch/eat calcium right off a concrete slab. 

Benefits: Horizontal & vertical applications, removes cure and seal, faster polished concrete grinding, profiles substrate for coatings and underlayment and is a safe water clean-up. 

Life Deck Specialty Coatings LD-81 | HIGH SOLIDS MODIFIER

Overview: As a primer for resurfacing systems, LD-81 is a high solids acrylic-polymer modifier that will give increased strength, flexibility and adhesion to most cement based products. LD-81 acts as a great primer when mixed with water for decorative concrete and resurfacing systems. LD-81 makes the cement product more water resistant, stain resistant, increased psi, and increased adhesion to extend the life of concrete. LD-81 cement modifier makes a great primer for Life Deck cements by increasing adhesion and bonding.

Uses: Cementitious systems, deck repair, deck maintenance patch and repair applications, deck maintenance systems, flooring overlayments, carpet underlayments, bond coats, floor toppings, stucco admixture applications and more. 


Overview:  Life Specialty Coatings Vapor Seal is a two component, 100% solids, low viscosity, moisture barrier epoxy primer. It has the ability to reduce the hydrostatic pressure emitted by the floor from 12 lbs per 1000 square feet to less than 1 lb with one coat.  When applied at 73°F / 50% humidity, Life Deck Vapor Seal is a 5-7 hour cure.

Uses: Vapor Seal can be used as a primer for exterior concrete decks, deck repairs going over existing systems, podium decks, driveways, concrete resurfacing prep for driveways and decorative overlays. It can can be used to prime concrete, metal, and wood. Corrosion inhibitors can be added (by special request) for use over metal substrates. It is an excellent all around concrete primer/sealer with incredible adhesion.

Americrete A-100 | DEGREASER

Overview: Americrete degreaser is a concentrated concrete and multipurpose cleaner that is designed to clean and lightly etch the surface simultaneously. It is used to remove deeply penetrated oil stains and contaminated surface residue. Americrete degreaser is biodegradable and environmentally friendly. This product is high in alkalinity for tough to clean soils and grease. It has no streak rinsing and is non-toxic. Americrete Degreaser is USDA compliant.

Uses: Concrete, stone, machine shops, kitchens, pool decks, engines, mobile washers, masonry, industrial floors, driveways, gas stations, stamped concrete, freezer floors, parking garages, food service companies and freight companies.


Overview: Americrete Efflorescence Blocker (A-1505)  is formulated for use over concrete with high levels of alkalinity. It is primarily used to block efflorescence from migrating through masonry and concrete slabs and appearing on the surface.  This helps to prevent failure of coatings and concrete resurfacing systems. The excellent water, alkali, and efflorescence resistance of this product, in combination with its exterior durability and its ability to adhere to a variety of substrates, allow it to be used in many applications. 

Use: Americrete Efflorescence Blocker is used primarily in combination with other Life Deck and Americrete systems depending on the degree of salt intrusion, vapor drive and other factors.  Common products that are used with A-1505 are LD12VAPOR, HB-100, and the 25 Series.

Key Benefits Include: Fast drying/early block resistance, exterior durability,  water resistance (non-whitening), efflorescence/alkali resistance, tannin/stain blocking, universal primer properties, excellent direct and indirect impact resistance and more. 


Overview: Slope your deck in any position from zero to three inches in one pass. Perfect for sloping and deck repairs, Life Deck LD-10 is a specially formulated blend of a variety of silica sands and proprietary additives. LD10 it extremely versatile. Sloping cement is used for sloping, filling cracks, repairing and patching. LD10 only requires water to blend with. Please do not mix with LD-81, 1589 modifiers or modifiers from other manufacturers.

Uses: LD10 is used for sloping, filling cracks, repairing and patching. Life Deck Specialty Coatings sloping cement is extremely versatile and can be applied in one application, or pass, up to 3 inches. This product has high strength, great working time, no shrinkage or expansion while curing, and can be feathered with great adhesion properties. Typically, LD-10 is used on deck restoration projects for reconstruction on HOA pool decks, residential properties, commercial centers and balcony decks.

Life Deck Specialty Coatings PTE-101SL | URETHANE SEALANT

Overview: PTE-101-SL moisture curing urethane sealant is a high performance interior or exterior joint sealant for use in both moving and non-moving joint applications. Life Deck urethane sealant provides a long lasting, weather tight seal to concrete slabs, preventing water penetration.  Excellent repair sealant for cracks and around pools.  The PTE-101-SL is self leveling, low viscosity, and easy to apply.

Features: Urethane sealant bonds to damp masonry surfaces with no primer necessary on most substrates. Meets the criteria of ASTM C-836 & E-96, non-gassing, user friendly, fast curing, resists dirt, highly flexible over extreme temperatures, no odor, no mixing and meets SCAQMD VOC requirements.

Typical Uses: EPDM, expansion joints, precast joints, PVC roofing, block and masonry, wood, SBS modified roofing, expansion joints and more. 

Stretch-Guard P272 | POLYESTER SEAM TAPE

Overview: Stretch-Guard stitched bonded polyester seam tape is one of the strongest materials available to the roofing industry. It is used as a reinforcement in cold process roofing. This polyester seam tape offers an unusual combination of high strength properties with good elongation for excellent thermal stress force accommodations.

Uses: P272 is used in combination with elastomeric roof coating products (88-75 & 88-40) to provide high strength and flexibility over seams, joints, and repairs on roofs.  It is also much easier to handle and apply properly than other soft polyester sheets.  It is packaged in many different sizes to accommodate any size project.


Overview: Life Deck Specialty Coatings Fiberlath is a “fiberglass-lath” reinforced protective material that forms a protective anti-fracture membrane used in waterproofing systems and decorative concrete overlays. Fiberlath exhibits high-strength, flexible, alkaline and corrosion resistant, and is able to support and reinforce waterproof cementitious systems.  Compared to other materials in the industry, Life Deck Fiberlath is known for being more flexible, strong and versatile when wrapping into drains, over stairs and incorporated into waterproof deck coatings. 

Uses:  It is designed to reinforce Life Deck MC system, AMAC waterproofing system and a variety of other systems to act as a strong anti-fracture membrane. Its flexibility and strength allows it to wrap up balconies, corridors, stairs, around drains and a variety of other substrates. 

Life Deck Specialty Coatings LDSG12 | SEAL GUARD MEMBRANE

Overview: Extend the longevity of your deck with an additional waterproofing membrane. Life Deck Seal Guard is a 30-40 mil thick rubberized asphalt, self-sealing, self-adhering waterproof membrane reinforced with a non-woven polyester fabric. Seal Guard has a white polyester scrim, which allows light foot traffic and a short period of UV exposure during construction. Life Deck Seal Guard waterproofing membrane has fiberglass chopped strand embedded within to add additional strength in preventing cracks from appearing to installed concrete waterproofing system. 

Uses: Life Deck Seal Guard is primarily used as a secondary waterproofing membrane in critical situations under the AL system, AMAC, AL Flex or any areas where a self-sealing, self-adhering waterproof membrane is needed. it is often used in under-tile applications. 

Advantages: Self-sealing, self-adhering, economical, reinforced, user friendly, peel and stick, withstands light foot traffic 


Overview: RainBuster™ is an outstanding, multi-use, high performance choice for sealing cracks and joints, vertically and horizontally. Field proven and specified by leading builders to prevent leaks in the building envelope, RainBuster™ is OEM trusted. Ideal wherever a permanent leak preventing seal is required, RainBuster™ is perfect for reconstruction work. RainBuster™ 900 is a high performance, polycarbamate elastomeric joint sealant/adhesive. It is trusted as the high quality standard in construction, industrial applications, and original equipment manufacturing.

Application: RainBuster™ 900 has been formulated to perform under the most challenging conditions. Its strong adhesion and flexibility allow it to maintain an air and watertight seal when faced with up to 35% joint movement. Specifying RainBuster 900 eliminates the use of lesser sealants that create leak points. RainBuster 900 offers outstanding quality. 

Life Deck Specialty Coatings 7200 | CRACK PATCH GEL

Overview: Life Deck 7200 Series is a 2 component, heavy viscosity, 100% solids, flexible epoxy patching compound. It provides epoxy high build, maximum toughness, excellent chemical resistance in a quick drying paste.

Uses: Life Deck 7200 Series is designed to be used on concrete, wood, masonry, or where a tough yet flexible epoxy paste is required. Uses include patching surface cracks on concrete floors prior to application of a floor coating or as a general purpose patch on concrete, block or wood to fill small voids before coating with other products.

Advantages: Convenient 1:1 mix ratio, fast setting time, high build, chemical resistant, flexible, very durable and moisture tolerant. 

Life Deck Specialty Coatings GML-PCS | METAL LATH

Life Specialty Coatings’ GML-PCS hot dipped 2.5 galvanized Metal Lath is a versatile metal lath ideal as a plaster base and reinforcement for all types of walls, ceilings and fireproofing of steel beam, and columns. Easy to cut and form to ornamental plaster work. Provides ample keying for scratch coat and is commonly used for plaster machine application.

LDSDG-50 | Safe-D-Grip

Overview: Safe-D-Grip is a non-skid additive that can be added to epoxies, sealers or top coats to produce a skid resistant


Benefits: Strong Skid-Resistance

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