If your concrete deck, patio, or driveway is beginning to show signs of damage due to age or wear and tear, it might be time to schedule a concrete resurfacing service.

When done right, resurfacing can give your outdoor and indoor surfaces a complete facelift without the cost and hassle of a complete replacement. 

Understanding concrete resurfacing

Traditionally, damaged concrete slabs are repaired by digging out the old surface completely. Only then will the new concrete mortar be poured to create a new surface. However, this is a labor-intensive process and can be costly and time-consuming especially for larger spaces.

Concrete resurfacing offers a faster and simpler alternative since you don’t have to remove the older surface. Instead, the concrete resurfacing product is laid out directly on the existing concrete structure, thus forming the new surface. 

Signs your concrete needs resurfacing work

Cracked or damaged edges

Changing weather conditions can cause the soil underneath to expand and contract, resulting in cracking or degrading concrete edges. Other signs of damage include crumbling, flaking, and scratched paint or finishing.

Uneven appearance

Uneven walls and floors may be a result of extreme weather conditions or poor foundation work. Delaying repair work can lead to more detrimental issues, such as crumbling and breaking, both of which may cause injury and structural instability.


Spalling is the flaking or peeling away of tiny particles of cement paste. It’s often caused by water seeping through the concrete surface, giving your surface a wrinkly look. Spalling concrete should be repaired immediately, otherwise it may compromise concrete surface integrity.

The real benefits of concrete resurfacing


Concrete resurfacing is a more affordable solution than breaking apart old concrete and starting from scratch. With resurfacing, you can expect to use only a third of all materials and labor costs while achieving even better quality results. 

Saves on time and labor

Most concrete resurfacing products are self-leveling, which means you will only need minimal labor throughout the process. Instead of digging out the old surface and mixing new concrete, all you have to do is pour the product, spread it out, and leave it to cure. 

Highly customizable

Concrete resurfacing offers endless customization possibilities. Special colorants and acid stains can be used to add color and create patterns on your surfaces. With resurfacing, you can achieve your dream of having a marble, granite, or even brick floor without going over your budget.


Many concrete resurfacing products feature various epoxy-based elements which delivers greater longevity and resistance to stains, tire marks, and general wear and tear. Epoxy also leaves a smoother finish, making your floors easier to clean. 

The Life Deck Advantage

Concrete resurfacing saves you time and money, prevents future wear and tear, and creates smoother and stronger surfaces. If you’re looking for high-performance concrete resurfacing systems and decorative overlay finishes, Life Specialty Coating is the superior choice. They’re easy to install, built to last long, and come in endless colors and patterns.

We also offer concrete prep and priming systems to ensure better adhesion and uniformity throughout the coating system. No matter the scale of your project, count on us to match you with the right surfacing solution.

Contact us today for project requests, job inspections, and expert product advice.

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