When discussing residential and commercial properties, curb appeal comes to an owners mind.  Driveways and entryways are important options to enhance curb appeal. Life Specialty Coatings offers numerous Life Deck Specialty Coatings coating options depending on the type of tiles, weight, efflorescence presence, vapor drive and style requested on a driveway. Ultimately, any urethane, acrylic, color coating system, stain and cement must be able to withstand vehicular grade traffic and hot tire pick up.

Life Deck offers numerous color options in regards to walkways, decks, and driveways. The number one failure for coatings applied on driveways is hot tire pick up.  We offer many types of sealers that resist hot tire pick up to protect your investment.  Vapor drive, efflorescence and moisture content are also common issues. In order to combat these issues, Life Deck vapor seal is used to reduce vapor pressure significantly and reduce possible  coating failure. Vapor seal can be applied, seeded, and slurried over just like 25 series water based epoxy for adhesion purposes. It is an added bit of insurance to any driveway project to insure proper prep  in the substrate for coating application.  Our Efflorescence Blocker can also be incorporated to any Life Deck Concrete Resurfacing system.  This will help to reduce, or stop, efflorescence from penetrating through the newly applied system from migrating chemicals beneath a concrete slab.

In terms of cements and sealers, Life Deck cement coatings, sealers and stains are the perfect choices for  beautifying concrete slabs.  Semi-transparent stains, 10 Series and Americrete A-1000 stains are very  popular for driveway slabs. These color options present thousands of patterns and designs. It is important to seal driveways with sealers, such as GPD, for efflorescence blocking ability and hot tie pick up. Urethanes, such as LD2110 and 2112 or 2114 and 2116, LD2003 and others are also excellent options for sealing driveways. The best driveway sealer properties are sealers with hot tie pick up resistance, UV stability, abrasion resistance, efflorescence blocking ability, and mar resistance. 

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