High-quality Water-based Epoxy Products

Part of the Life Deck Specialty Coatings product line for Residential, Commercial & Industrial applications

Self priming and HIGH-QUALITY chemical resistant Specialty Coatings

Life Specialty Coatings manufactures water based epoxy products that are excellent for garages, commercial kitchens, industrial shops, and warehouses.  Our water based epoxy can also be used as a primer for waterproof decking systems and 100% acrylic resurfacing systems for pool decks and balcony decks. Water based epoxy is known to have extremely strong adhesion properties, low viscosity, long pot life, great working time and fast dry. 

When used as a primer for waterproof decking systems and deck coatings, the product can be thinned down with water for maximum coverage. Specifically for deck coating reseals, it is best to use a colored, or pigmented, water based epoxy for maximum adhesion properties and to extend the life of the coating. Reseals may occur on balconies, breezeways, podium decks, commercial decks, walkways, pools and more. 

Life Deck Specialty Coatings 25 Series | Water Based Epoxy- 2:1 Epoxy kit

Overview: A high gloss premium quality 2 part water-based epoxy coating that provides epoxy toughness, chemical resistance and durability with the convenience of a water base system and long pot life.

Recommended Surfaces: For interior use only unless protected by another product with a UV inhibitor such as our aliphatic urethane. Uses include industrial floors in factories, restaurant kitchens, schools, hospitals, food processing, garage floors, dairies and warehouses. When thinned, this product works well as a primer under most waterproof decking systems such as the MC and FM systems. 

Advantages: The system is great for interior concrete floors, garages, warehouses, restaurants, industrial floors, showrooms, and kitchens. Water Based epoxy is USDA compliant, easy water clean-up, fast drying, excellent chemical and solvent resistance, long pot life and has a high gloss finish. 

Colors Options: -00 White, -41 Cape Cod Gray -95 Deep Base, -27 Deep Tan -90, Tint Base -98 Accent Base.  Tinting bases work with universal colorants to achieve thousands of colors and matching. 

Life Deck Specialty Coatings 14 Series | Pigmented High solids Water Based Epoxy

Overview: A premium quality 2-part water base epoxy concrete sealer that provides epoxy toughness, chemical resistance and durability with the convenience of a water base system. The product comes comes in a high gloss finish. 

Recommended Surfaces: For interior concrete floors only. The 14 series is more viscous, creating a higher build, than the 25 series epoxy and is generally used for garage floors, restaurants, manufacturing facilities and more. 

Advantages: Easy water clean-up, long pot life, excellent coverage-hide, fast drying, epoxy toughness, excellent chemical and solvent resistance. 

Kit Size:  4 to 1 Kit (1.25 Gallon Kit = 1 Gallon Part A & 1 Quart Part B)

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