Life Deck Coating Installation Videos


Below are short instructions on how to install Life Deck coatings:

This coating system gets its name from the use of the acrylic lath. It is a superior waterproof system that’s perfect for plywood decks. It also adds fire resistance to the substrate. The system uses cementitious materials, a metal lath, and a specially formulated acrylic emulsion to bond everything together.

Learn the steps to install the AL system:

  • Flashing – Using sheet metal and caulking material, the surface is prepped for the application of the metal lath.
  • Metal Lath – The special hot-dipped, galvanized AL lath should run across the grain of the plywood, allowing the material to be feathered with a brush.
  • Base Coat – The mixture is poured into the lath, spread by a paintbrush, and smoothed over by a trowel.
  • Slurry Coat – This step mimics the previous step using both a paintbrush and a trowel as well.
  • Texture Coat – Around 70% of the surface is covered to achieve the desired texture.
  • Top Coat – The color coat is applied using a roller, making sure the entire surface is covered.

This system is used in concrete decks. Its fiber-reinforced system gives it the durability to withstand heavy traffic while providing excellent coefficient of friction. It is typically used in balconies, corridors, stairs, and more.

Learn the steps to install the MC system:

  • Fiber Lath – The lath should be applied without any wrinkles that may cause issues in the next steps.
  • Base Coat – The cement mixture should be spread evenly and smoothed over by a trowel.
  • Slurry Coat – Prepare the substrate for the next coat by clearing all debris.
  • Texture Coat – Adding texture is an optional step that will depend on the needs of the project.
  • Color Seal – Using a lint-free, shed-resistant roller, the color coat is spread evenly, ensuring coverage of the entire substrate.


This all-acrylic system gets its name from the Fiberglass Mat used in the installation process. It’s designed to waterproof either plywood or concrete substrates.

Learn the steps to install the FM system:

  • Flashing – Sheet metal and caulking material are used to prep the substrate for the acrylic primer.
  • Acrylic Primer – The primer is applied and spread evenly using a roller.
  • Fiberglass – After the mat covers the entire substrate, the base coat is applied.
  • Texture Coat – A high-quality roller is used to evenly spread the base coat, making sure the material is thick enough to prevent the base coat from being visible.
  • Top Coat – Two color coats are applied to ensure complete coverage.

Install Life Deck Coating Systems Seamlessly

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