Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing facilities are industrial grade production hubs and centers that require durable and productive flooring solutions. Depending on the type of facility, the specific needs differ. There are many different types of options for manufacturing facility owners such as 100% solids durable epoxy, waterproofing membranes, chemical resistant urethanes and similar high performance systems. For each specific niche the manufacturer is in, the coating type and application changes. The Life Deck product line has coatings solutions for any type of manufacturing facility. While the needs and solutions for the production of food, chemicals, coatings, airplanes, bolts, furniture and building materials changes, Life Deck Coatings has a solution for any application.

Among the most popular choices for manufacturing facilities, epoxy coatings provide an extremely protective and easy to clean layer to areas where goods are being manufactured. Depending on the type of goods manufactured, Life Deck provides over 16 different sealer options. Many Life Deck sealers used in manufacturing facilities are solvent based or water based with the ability to provide protection against chemicals.

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