Pool Decks

Pool Deck are a very popular choice for recreation in temperate climates. It is important that pool decks are always safe, decorative and protected from harsh chemicals and elements. Depending on the size, budget, requirements and decorative scope of work, there are many different options for residential and commercial pools. It is also very important to have the correct coefficient of friction to ensure safety. 

Life Deck coatings have been used on thousands of pool decks. Many Las Vegas Casinos owned by MGM and Caesar Property Group use Life Deck Coatings such as the heat reflective 28 series, resurfacing systems, sealers, and waterproofing systems. Most popular is the 28 series heat reflective deck coating that covers many of the famous casino pool decks which reduces the temperature 20-30% on the surface.

If the pool deck is on a second floor, is situated on an upper level, or subterranean parking is below, Life Deck MC system is a great option to waterproof the substrate. Or, if a pool deck has hundreds of cracks, Life Deck anti-fracture membranes are a great way to help prevent cracks.

Recommended Systems

Community Planning, Educational Institutions, Retail Stores / Outlets,  Hospitality, Commercial Office

Community Planning,  Parks & Recreation, Hospitality

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