Restaurant & Kitchen Floors

Restaurants are areas that require clean, decorative and safe surfaces for large crowds of individuals on a commercial level. Typically, these zones require USDA or FDA acceptable systems and products in kitchens, eating spaces and cooking spaces. The balance is finding a system that is easy and quick to install, decorative, easy to clean and provides a durable solution to high traffic. Typically in a commercial restaurant, Life Specialty Coatings recommends to seal overlays and epoxy coatings with durable, chemical resistant and scratch resistant urethanes to ultimately protect the substrate.

Specialty Coatings offers many systems for restaurant exteriors and interiors. In the Life Deck line, durable and decorative metallic epoxy coatings are great for entry ways while durable epoxy ceramic quartz systems are great for kitchens. Many restaurants choose to install Life Deck overlays using 20 series stain and epoxy sealers for a decorative, chemical resistant, and durable coating system. Life Deck stains, followed by a durable sealer, are also becoming increasingly popular for their affordability wide array of options.

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