Stretch-Guard: Elastomeric & Silicone Roof Coating Systems

Life Specialty Coatings offers a high performance, long lasting and powerful elastomeric and silicone roof coatings for commercial and industrial flat roof applications. Stretch Guard elastomeric and silicone roof coatings are designed for new construction or reconstruction and are designed for professional applicators to waterproof, protect and seal large roofs.

Our Stretch Guard high build elastomeric roofing systems is versatile, Title 24 approved, CRRC approved, Class-A 1 Hour Fire-Rated, reduces energy costs, extends the life of roofs, flexible, environmentally friendly, has long term warranties and can resist ponding water. Stretch guard elastomeric roof coating system can be tinted in heat reflective to reduce white flashing on roof tops. Stretch Guard silicone roofing system is very popular, flexible and easy to apply. 

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