Elastomeric System

A Stretch-Guard™ Product. Commercial & Industrial Roof Coatings. 

The Life Specialty Coatings 8840 Roof Coating is a premium-quality high-solids ceramic elastomeric coating. Integrated with our Cool Life™ Heat Reflective Technology, our Elastomeric Roof System 8840 series combines 100% acrylic resins and “ceramic spheres” to form a coating system with superior adhesion, durability, weatherproofing, heat deflection and UV protection.

The 8840 Elastomeric Coating Series is a Class A (ASTM-E-108) Fire Rated Coating.

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8875 Stretch-Guard Elastomeric Waterproofing Underseal
8840 Stretch-Guard Premium 100% Acrylic “Ceramic” Elastomeric Roof Coating
8810 Stretch-Guard Elastomeric Heat Reflective Acrylic Copolymer
9277 Stretch-Guard Elastomeric Smooth Brush Grade Caulk & Patch
P272 Stretch-Guard Polyester Seam Tape

roofing Systems

Plazas, Patios, Sun decks, Balconies, Lanais, Helicopter pads, Walkways, Stairs, Parking structures

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