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We manufacture high-performance products for  commercial, industrial and residential applications. All of our products are manufactured to be high-quality, low-maintenance and long-lasting. 


Life Specialty Coatings offers a wide variety of different coatings built to last for any project. From residential, commercial and industrial applications, Life offers high quality Coatings for Life®. These projects range from garages and manufacturing facilities that require epoxy coatings, exterior walls that require elastomerics, to decks that require fire-rated waterproofing systems. There are a variety of different versatile solutions for every type of application. While some coatings are for very specific applications, there are other coatings that are very versatile building solutions for numerous applications.

On each page on the left-hand side, each selection includes recommended systems that correlate to each project and industry. For example, the “Roofs” page includes a description on coatings application in addition to recommending systems such as: Life Deck AL, AL-Flex, FM, MC, LD-2000 Urethane, and more. Each system page dives into greater detail and specifics on how to approach each project. For more questions, please contact Life Specialty Coatings directly for a one-on-one personal consultation.

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