Veterinarian Facilities + Kennels

Kennels and veterinary facilities are shelters for dogs, cats and other animals that need to be kept in clean and well kept environment. Because animals are housed, maintained, and bred in these places, the floors, walls, and substrates must use coatings that are safe for animals and are easy to maintain. Whether its a large kettle that needs to hold against acid from urine, a commercial USDA compliant floor or coatings that are easy to clean, Life Deck Specialty Coatings and Life Specialty Coatings have many products that are geared for animal safety. 

In our product line and specifications, Life Deck 100% solids epoxy coatings and our Life Deck Chemical Resistant Urethane are popular choices among owners and managers of vets and kennels. In addition, Life Deck Metallic Epoxy – in conjunction with a urethane topcoat – is used quite often as a decorative protective layer against feces, urein, bodily fluids and medical waste. 

Life Deck epoxy chip systems, chemical resistant urethane systems, metallic and quartz, are all great options for the veterinary industry. Please see below for recommended options and specifications.

Recommended Epoxy Systems

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