Walking Decks

Walking decks are extremely popular with single family residential properties, multi-family living communities, commercial properties and industrial buildings. If walking decks are not at ground level or have subterranean parking, typically all substrates must have a type of waterproofing system. These systems should be able to withstand any heavy pedestrian traffic, be waterproof and meet a coefficient of friction requirements. Life Specialty Coatings under the Life Deck and Americrete brands, has several different types of waterproof decking systems.

Recommended Systems:

For plywood decks, the Life Deck AL system is the professional’s choice for a Class A, 1 hour fire rated, hail storm rated, 6200 PSI system. Life Deck cements, modifier, and top coat are integrated into making the AL System. third party ICC-ES reports recommend at minimum exterior floor grade PS-1 or PS-2 stamped 5/8th in OSB at minimum. Installers can use

Life Deck AL Flex is a powerful, yet flexible, cementitious waterproofing system incorporating a fiberglass chopped strand and resin for plywood decking. This ICC-ES system is very similar to the Life Deck AL system, but specifies for heavy cement texture, fiberglass and 1589 waterproof resin. This is a popular system for new construction.

The AMAC system is a heavy duty, flexible, high PSI system recommended for large plywood decks on high rise multi-family living communities and large commercial decking. With our highest warranty available, the AMAC system is a combination of Life Deck AL and MC system. The system incorporates fiberlath, cement, modifier, resin, and top coat to make a super system with extreme flexibility.

The Life Deck MC system, used over concrete decks, magnesite, diatio and existing waterproofing systems to create a heavy protective, yet flexible, waterproofing layer. The MC system incorporates Life Deck cements, fiberlath, and resin membrane to create a system perfect for waterproofing cement. This system is a perfect flexible, yet strong waterproof option that has endless top coat and decorative concrete capabilities.

The Life Deck LD-2000 waterproofing system is a liquid applied, pedestrian traffic, aliphatic urethane system used over plywood or concrete. If an already existing urethane system is down, we typically recommend using our LD-2000 system which incorporates Life Deck epoxy primer, urethane intermediate coat, broadcast coat and UV resistant seal coat.

Lastly, our Life Deck Fiberglass Mat System or “FM” system provides a roll on economic and DIY friendly system for areas that do not get heavy foot traffic. The FM system is perfect for residential decks and provides an excellent and decorative texture with many types of option finishes.

Recommended Systems

 Community Planning, Hospitality, Commercial Office

Community Planning, Educational Institutions, Retail Stores / Outlets,  Hospitality, Commercial Office

Community Planning, Educational Institutions, Retail Stores / Outlets,  Hospitality, Commercial Office

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