Cementitious Wall Coatings

Perfect for above and below grade applications, Hydro-Block 100 closes out vertical wall capillaries to block hydrostatic pressure. This cement coating is generally only used for reconstruction applications. 


Overview: Hydro Block is a hydro-static blocking cementitious waterproof coating for protecting masonry substrates from water penetration. The cement can be applied vertically or horizontally. It is dry-polymer, water added only. 

Recommended application: Below or above grade industrial, commercial and residential  applications. Hydro-Block protects plastered walls, foundations, block walls, tunnels, bridges, tilt-up walls, concrete block, and masonry structures. 

Uses: Retaining walls, precast walls, custom shower walls, parking garages, water canals, precast concrete pipes, swimming pool bond beams, water features and concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls.  

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