Elastomeric Wall Coatings

Rain Shield™ & Stretch-Guard™ Branded Products offer High-Performance Wall Coating Systems for Commercial & Industrial Use 


The Rain Shield™ elastomeric wall coatings and single component waterproof wall coating systems are designed to seal and beautify walls and structures.

Our elastomeric coatings form incredibly thick, yet flexible, coating that helps waterproof the exterior of a structure. Unlike other types of coatings or paints, elastomerics can bridge hairline cracks to complete an airtight waterproof seal. These types of coatings can slo be tinted to a thousands of colors and retain its color for many years.

The Stretch-Guard™ Elastomeric coatings are also available in 100% acrylic/ elastomeric blend system that have perms built and are ideal for coastal wet environments. 


Description: A premium quality, high build ceramic low luster, Elastomeric coating system is for beautifying, protecting and waterproofing exterior wall surfaces. Life Specialty Coating’s Rain Shield 64 series is extremely a flexible coating that has an elongation of up to 400%+. Rain Shield is primarily used on the exterior walls of large HOA’s, commercial buildings, homes, warehouses, parking structures, and other buildings. This product is also available in a heat reflective version (64H or 68 series) that can help reduce the temperature on the surface and inside the substrate significantly to save on energy costs and may qualify for special financing from the government. 

Advantages: Ceramic spheres in the 64 series add an insulating and stain resistant value. 64 series is very environment friendly, bridges hairline cracks, excellent dirt pick up resistance, thermal barrier, resists wind driven rain (Passes ASTM E96, TTC-555-B), breathable (ASTM-E96 – 12.5. perms), maintains adhesion and flexibility even in cold temperatures, superior resistance to ultraviolet ray breakdown. 

Stretch-Guard™ 70 | 70H Series | 100% ACRYLIC-Elastomeric HYBRID Wall Coatings

The Stretch-Guard™ 70 Series is a premium quality exterior 100% acrylic latex flat house and trim Coating. This high performance coating offers the flexibility of a conventional quality acrylic latex house paint and the benefits of a elastomeric coating with an elongation factor of 200%. The 70 Series incorporates an exclusive resin technology which provides outstanding quality when applied like a conventional exterior paint. The High build 70H Series will provide elastomeric-like protection from the weather on masonry and wood substrates.

Advantages: Up to 200% elongation, flexible, performs very well in hot and cold climates, repels water to help eliminate moisture penetration, self-priming, ultra-violet stability, resistant to dirt pick-up

Uses: Wood, wood siding, plywood, metal, cement

Life Paint 64-70 | 64-75 | 70-75 | ELASTOMERIC PRIMERS

64-70: Full Elastomeric Textured Primer. Part of our breathable coating systems, 64-70 allows for matching of the surrounding textured surfaces for repairs. The primer is a “2 in 1” primer and texture and works well on concrete, masonry surfaces, stucco, cinder block, wood and more. 

64-75: A premium quality, 100% Acrylic, Stain Blocking primer. As a primer for the 64 series, 64-75 is perfect for sealing new and previously painted surfaces. This product is an excellent base for either oil or latex base paints. A great primer for T1-11 plywood and masonry surfaces.

70-75: A premium quality, 100% Acrylic, Stain Blocking primer. As a primer for the  70 series, 7075 is perfect for  sealing new and previously painted surfaces. This product is an excellent base for either oil or latex base paints. A great primer for T1-11 plywood and masonry surfaces.

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