Specialty Wall Coatings

Specialized Coating Products for Commercial & Industrial Use

Specially Designed Products

Life Specialty Coatings manufacturers unique high-quality wall coatings that are require certain performance & application properties to be effective & long-lasting. Our specialized wall coating products not only provide fire-resistant surfaces but also easy application properties that make it easier for you to apply and get the perfect finish.


Commercial & Industrial buildings benefit extensively from proper caulking product. Our line of smooth, premium quality, brush grade elastomeric caulk and patching compounds are designed for filling, bridging and sealing cracks and openings. Our products improves energy efficiency, prevents the growth of mold and mildew, and keeps the building watertight, which lowers maintenance costs. 


Life Specialty Coatings manufacturers Hydro Block, a hydro-static blocking cementitious waterproof coating for protecting masonry substrates from water penetration. The cement can be applied vertically or horizontally. It is dry-polymer, water added only.

Recommended application: Below or above grade industrial, commercial and residential  applications. Hydro-Block protects plastered walls, foundations, block walls, tunnels, bridges, tilt-up walls, concrete block, and masonry structures.



Life Specialty Coatings acrylic urethane is a crystal clear finish that is super durable and will not yellow designed to preserve and seal wood surfaces. It can be applied on all types of wood around your home and/or business. Decks, siding, docks, dense hardwoods, pressure treated lumber, garden furniture, playhouses, log homes, fences, cedar shakes, wood bridges and much, more. This premium quality product is formulated with ingredients that screen out the destructive ultra violet rays of the sun, one of the principal causes of deterioration and loss of gloss on any varnish film. 

Use: Life’s Acrylic Urethane is designed to add a gloss finish and chemical resistance to wood and previously coated surfaces.


Overview: Fire Fighter® is a fire retardant coating specifically designed to help prevent the spread and ignition of fire on the coated substrate. It is an intumescent coating that can be applied to an interior or exterior substrate. When applied as specified, it can provide a Class A fire protection with very low smoke emittance. 

Recommended Surfaces: Exterior walls, eves, wallboard, primed or previously painted wood, metal, exterior stucco, masonry and concrete.

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