Water Based Colored Quartz Epoxy Floor System

A Life Deck Specialty Coatings Epoxy System for Residential, Commercial & Industrial Use.

Create Natural looking Decorative Epoxy Floors

System Overview: The Life Deck Specialty Coatings Water Based Quartz Flooring System is a high performance water based epoxy quartz flooring system that exhibits high psi and a decorative finish. Installation and use time are quick with a long pot life and good working time. The system includes clear Life Deck water based epoxy, crack patch epoxy gel, and UV stable top coat options such as polyurea. 

Uses & Recommended Surfaces
For interior use only unless protected by another product with a UV inhibitor such as our aliphatic urethanes or polyurea. Uses include industrial floors in factories, restaurant kitchens, schools, hospitals, food processing, garage floors, dairies and warehouses. Excellent for high traffic areas with a non-skid finish. Life Deck Color Quartz comes in a large variety of colors for both ceramic quartz and epoxy quartz options. 

Features: Easy Water Clean-Up, Fast Installation, Long Pot Life, Epoxy Toughness, Excellent Chemical and Solvent Resistance, USDA Compliant, Excellent Adhesion, High PSI and great flow. 

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Product & Download Link Description
25-96 Clear Water based Epoxy
QS Colored Quartz
LD7200 100% Solid Crack Filler/Patching
LD-2110 Optional: Clear water based urethane
LD-2003 Optional: Chemical Resistant Urethane (CRU)
LD-2009 Optional: Polyurea

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