Concrete Waterproof Decking

A Life Deck Specialty Coatings Product Line. Waterproofing Concrete Decks for Residential, Commercial, and Industrial Solutions.


Life Specialty Coatings manufactures extremely flexible, aesthetic and durable solutions for concrete and magnesite substrates. Concrete waterproof decking systems typically fall into two categories: pedestrian traffic waterproofing and vehicular traffic concrete deck waterproofing. Built to last, Life Deck MC, FM and LD-2000 are the preferred systems to waterproof concrete decks for walking and pedestrian traffic.

What we offer

The Auto-Life heavy duty aliphatic and aromatic urethanes are the preferred solution for vehicular traffic situations. Life Deck concrete deck coatings have been used on thousands of HOA’s, Hyatt Corporation, Hilton Hotels & Resorts, MGM Resorts International properties, Caesars Entertainment properties, NASCAR and more.

Our special concrete waterproofing products are designed for year-long protection, safety, and visual appeal. Our most popular system is the MC system which incorporates high solids resins, fiber-lath membrane and heavy duty waterproofing resin which is designed for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

More than 55 years of experience

As an industry leader since 1963, our epoxies, waterproofing concrete deck systems, elastomerics, and concrete resurfacing products have been used on high profile work. We’ve been in the industry long enough to know what works and what doesn’t.

Commitment to quality

We strive to deliver products that are effective and compliant with rigorous QC procedures.

Nationwide distribution network

We believe that all applicators, contractors, architects and builders should have access to exceptional building products and materials. We’re proud to work with some of the largest distributors throughout California and the western states. We currently have over 200+ distribution locations across North America including California, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Texas, New Mexico, Idaho, Washington State, and Oregon.

Meaningful support

Our products are backed by highly personalized technical support. Whether you need hard specs, job walks, and even blueprint assistance, our team can help. We can also schedule private product demos and provide validation certificates for your peace of mind.


The Life Deck® MC System is an incredibly flexible concrete waterproofing system. Life Deck MC System is a fiber reinforced cementitious deck system installed with a series of four separate water-based acrylic applications. It is bonded together with a specially formulated acrylic emulsion sealed with Life Deck 10 Series or 28 Series 100% acrylic top coat or a custom decorative overlay. The Life Deck MC System is designed for both commercial and residential use.

Uses & Recommended Surfaces: The MC System is designed for use on elevated concrete walking decks. The MC System is ideal for areas with heavy traffic or in cases where elimination of seams is essential. MC System has been designed for balconies, corridors, stairs and landings and is regularly specified for hotels, condominiums, apartments and office buildings. This product can be applied over most old deck systems with a magic trowel to provide an excellent method for the rehabilitation of problem surfaces.

Advantages: Balconies, breezeways, stairways, patio, coverings, above ground concrete pool decks, fast drying, fast access, extremely flexible, multiple finishing options, 5 & 10 year warranties available.


The Life Deck® Auto-Life vehicular deck system is a high build waterproofing urethane, liquid applied, moisture cured waterproof system. The system utilizes an epoxy primer and one easy to use high tensile aromatic urethane to complete the system. The Auto-Life System is a user friendly application of an elastomeric urethane coatings that provides a tough and durable finish. The Auto-Life System can be applied to protect surfaces against spalling, freeze/thaw damage, and chemicals commonly encountered on vehicular traffic decks. It is designed to expand and contract with normal structural movements and will not soften in heat nor become brittle in cold. Installed and maintained properly, the Auto-Life Vehicular Deck System will ensure years of protection and high performance as a waterproofing system.

Uses & Recommended Surfaces: For non-UV exposed surfaces only unless protected by another product with a UV inhibitor such as our aliphatic urethane. Aliphatic urethane is to be applied if UV exposure exists for maximum gloss retention. Aromatic may be applied if parking deck is covered and not exposed to UV rays. 


The Life Deck® FM (Fiberglass Mat) Waterproof Decking System is an economical industry-leading all-acrylic coating system designed with simplicity and performance in mind. This system uses a fiberglass mat with four acrylic coatings applied in steps to waterproof above-ground decks. The FM System is easy to repair and requires only minimum maintenance to give a long lasting life. It is extremely flexible, skid resistant and is well suited for plywood and concrete substrates. Top coat can be tinted to any color and is available in a heat reflective deck coating.

Uses and Recommended Substrates: The FM System is designed for use on elevated concrete and plywood walking decks. FM System has been designed for balconies, corridors, stairs, landings and is regularly specified for hotels, condominiums, apartments and office buildings. This product can be applied over most old deck systems, with an epoxy primer, to provide an excellent method for the rehabilitation of problem surfaces.

Applications: Balcony deck coatings, gazebos, breezeway waterproofing, fast access, stairways, patio covers, extremely flexible, provides waterproofing durability.


The Life Deck 2000 Decking System is a specialized application of urethane elastomeric coatings that is both flexible and durable. This chemical resistant, moisture cured, polyurethane system is designed to expand and contract with normal structural movements. It has an aesthetically pleasing monolithic surface that will not soften in heat or become brittle in cold. With the use of a catalyst the LD2000 urethane decking system can be accelerated to a two-day application. The LD-2000 deck coating system is a waterproofing system that can be used on a wide range of applications. Installed and maintained properly, this system will ensure years of waterproofing protection.

Uses: The Life Deck 2000 decking system can be used over plywood or concrete where an elastomeric, chemical resistant, waterproof deck urethane coating is needed. The system is designed for plazas, patios, sun decks, balconies, helicopter pads, walkways, stairs and parking structures. The system is also regularly specified on homes, apartments, condominiums, hotels, office buildings and most commercial structures.

Advantages: LD2000 is waterproof, abrasion resistant, chemical resistant, very flexible, monolithic, elastomeric, cost effective, moisture cured, UV resistant and has numerous color coating options. 

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