Flexible Under Tile Waterproofing Systems

Life Deck Specialty Coatings Under Tile Waterproofing Systems are flexible and durable solutions and ready for application of tile. 

Extremely waterproof and durable solutions for residential, commercial and industrial applications.

Life Deck waterproofing systems for under-tile applications are heavy duty durable solutions that are suitable for a variety of tile types. The AL-UT system is designed for plywood deck waterproof coatings and deck resurfacing to provide a lightweight, protective layer between tile ands the substrate. The system incorporates seal guard which is primarily used as a waterproofing membrane in critical situations under the AL-UT system or any areas where a self-sealing, self-adhering waterproof membrane is needed. Typically, a “thin-set” like materials is used on top of the system and under the tile. Under-tile waterproof decking systems are excellent for residential and commercial applications that will last for many years of protection. 

Life Deck AL-UT Under-Tile Waterproof Decking system

Life Deck AL UT (Acrylic Lath Under Tile) is a metal lath reinforced deck system installed with a series of two separate cementitious applications over a waterproofing bituminous layer. It is bonded together with a specially formulated acrylic emulsion.

The AL-UT system works only on plywood walking decks. It is recommended for the discriminating contractor or building owner who demands the finest in design, strength and durability. The AL-UT is ideal for under tile installations, podium decks, or under slab. Life Deck AL-UT has been designed for balconies, corridors, stairs and landings. It can be stapled through most old deck systems to provide an excellent method for the rehabilitation of problem surfaces.

Applications: Large commercial decks, deck resurfacing projects, deck resurfacing contractors, stairways, plywood,  patio covers, breezeways

Advantages: Waterproof, sound reduction, fast drying. 

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