A distribution network of construction coatings professionals that are part of the Life Specialty Coatings family. 

Become part of the Life Specialty Coating family!

Our network of life deck distributors covers the entire United States. Our in-house manufacturers reps help train, give samples, provide customer service and foster new and existing distribution relationships. 

In 2019, Life Paint was repositioned to Life Specialty Coatings as part of the company’s shift towards growth and innovation. Between all of our product lines, Life Specialty Coatings represents over 10 brands sold in both retail and specialty wholesale distribution nationally. Associated brands and products under the Life Specialty Coatings include Americrete, Life Pain, Life Deck Specialty Coatings, Rain Shield, Stretch-Guard, and Lifetime Plus Coatings of America. All products retain their high quality under the 3rd generation ownership and customer support. Our team follows a bottom-up approach, which means if there is a demand in the coatings market, we will strive to know more and deliver accordingly.


  • Join a network for trusted distributors across the United States
  • Many coatings systems to select from including roof coatings, deck coatings, waterproofing systems, deck resurfacing systems, waterproof deck coatings, wall coatings, interior/exterior paints and more.
  • Co-op Marketing Support
  • Technical support and training
  • Samples and POP for in store use
  • Dedicated technical sales representative

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